Research & Development

With more than 350 patent applications in the last 4 decades, Treofan has a proven innovation track record.

Treofans's dedicated R&D team is working continuously to improve our products. Also, to develop new films in order to meet both current and future customer needs for this dynamic industry. We are committed to delivering the highest quality film solutions - where optimum functionality is complemented by efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For each and every unique application.

Milestones in Innovation

Explore some of most relevant innovations, setting the standards for the entire BOPP industry:

Low Temperature Sealable Films for the Food Industry

Customised films for high-speed applications

Opaque Films

Foamed films with densities between 0.55 - 0.88 g/cm³

PLA Films

Films made of renewable plant-based resources

In Mould Labelling Films

First films introduced in the marketplace

Shrink Films for the Tobacco Industry

Shrinkage of up to 13% without creases, thickness reduced to 16 micron

Ultra Thin Electronic Films for Capacitors

Thickness reduced to 1.9 micron

TreoPore Microporous Separators

The ultimate separator solution for lithium-ion batteries and double layer capacitors

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