Treofan launches new high-performance production line in Neunkirchen

One billion square meters of premium film a year


Raunheim/Neunkirchen, Germany, October 16, 2015 – BOPP film specialist Treofan's new high-performance plant, at the company's Neunkirchen site in the German state of Saarland, is entering series production. 8.7 meters wide, the production line boasts an annual capacity of up to a billion square meters of premium five-layer label and packaging film. That's equivalent to a daily output of around 2.7 million square meters – roughly the area of 400 football pitches.

Largest investment in decades

Custom-configured in partnership with plant engineering group Andritz, the 30 million euro plant represents Treofan's largest single investment in recent decades. It forms part of a major program: over the past two years, a total of 60 million euros has been invested in upgrading Treofan's entire manufacturing infrastructure in Germany, Italy and Mexico to the latest technology. This spring, the control system of an existing production line in Neunkirchen received a four-million- euro upgrade as part of the investment program, and at the company's site in Zacapu, Mexico, a metalizer was installed for seven million euros.

A cornerstone of Treofan's premium strategy

The new line will produce premium label and packaging film for the European market and for export to Asia, Australia and New Zealand, making it a key component in Treofan's strategy to position itself as a global premium supplier.

"The demand for monomaterials that can be fully recycled and the increasing use of global packaging concepts by major brand manufacturers are important worldwide trends," comments CEO Dr. Walter Bickel. "This means that films have to offer more and more functionalities when it comes to protective effects, barrier properties and processing methods. At Treofan, we have an abundance of expertise in these areas. With our new plant, we now also have the latest manufacturing technology at our disposal, allowing us to meet our customers' high expectations."

Project completed on time and budget

By July 2015 – just over a year after the ground-breaking ceremony in May 2014 – production at the new plant started, and its first products have already been delivered to customers. By the end of November, the plant will be operating in stable series production at maximum speed.

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