Treofan wins European Plastics Innovation Award for ultra-thin film

Developed jointly with Borealis, the film boosts capacitor efficiency by 30 percent


Raunheim, Germany, February 15, 2016 – BOPP specialist Treofan won a trophy at the 1st European Plastics Innovation Awards for its "PHD 1.9" ultra-thin capacitor film. The first European capacitor film thinner than 2μm, developed in partnership with chemicals and plastics producer Borealis, took home the award for Best Lightweight Innovation.

Storing and rapidly releasing large amounts of energy plays a crucial role in key next-generation technologies such as electric cars and wind power. Ultra-thin films increase storage capacity per unit area while also reducing the weight of the capacitor, which in turn means less cooling is required. This saves energy and lowers operating costs. Overall, a 1.9μm film boosts the efficiency of a component by around 30 percent compared to a conventional 2.4μm film.

Collaborating closely to optimize molecular structure

The main challenge when developing ultra-thin films is combining the extreme mechanical strength demanded by high production speeds with outstanding homogeneous electrical and thermal properties.

Treofan and Borealis worked together intensely to optimize the molecular structure of the award-winning new solution. In parallel to this, improvements were made to the specialized production line at Treofan's Neunkirchen site. Further enhancements are planned, with the goal of producing even thinner and more efficient films in the medium term.

"Developing ultra-thin capacitor films is the perfect reflection of our innovation strategy, which focuses on including the entire value chain – from raw materials and processing to the end consumer," says Dr. Yvonne Düpre, Head of Innovation at Treofan Germany.

The European Plastics Innovation Awards were created in 2015 by three organizations: European Plastics Converters (EuPC), PlasticsEurope and the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE). The initiative aims to reward new ideas, products and technologies in the plastics industry that address a societal need while respecting the 3 Ps of sustainability – people, planet and profitability. The inaugural ceremony was held in Brussels on January 25.

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