Outstanding performance thanks to multi-layer technology

Treofan brings new solution to market for packaging with matte look and surface


Raunheim, Germany, March 29, 2017 – The new GPR 20 packaging film from BOPP specialist Treofan combines optimized printing and sealing properties with a pronounced matte effect. Its innovative structure employs multi-layer technology, resulting in major improvements in three areas compared to conventional products.

Firstly, the film is especially dimensionally stable during the printing process due to its special mechanical properties, allowing it to be processed more quickly. Secondly, as the film's surface and sealing properties are specially tailored to each other, seams sealed during the packaging process look especially high-quality. Thirdly, on the exterior of the substrate, a specially developed surface creates a striking matte effect.

"The market demand for packaging with a 'retro' look is growing disproportionately in many different areas, from snacks to cosmetics," says Jürgen Schischko, Head of Technical Service at Treofan. "Our new GPR 20 brings benefits all round in terms of its look, feel and processing. The product is another testament to Treofan's transformation into a supplier of film surface technologies."

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