IML Thermoforming Films 1

Treofan IML thermoforming films were developed for this specialty process, resulting in a soft touch effect after thermoforming.

EPT White Voided IML - Thermoforming Film

  • Treated matt surface
  • White OPP layer
  • Highly voided OPP core
  • OPP layer
  • Unique, specifically developed matt surface

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Specifically developed for the in mould labelling – thermoforming process.


EPT is a one side treated, both sides matt, white voided OPP film. Its unique formulation is ensuring a perfect bond between the film surface and the thermoformed container, resulting in a soft touch effect.

Product Features

  • Improved sheet fed performance
  • Excellent machineability and antistatic properties
  • Very high yield due to very low density
  • Soft touch effect after moulding
  • Offset sheet fed printing with UV curing and oxidative drying inks. For offset printing the film should be stored at 20-25°C, 60-70% rh for a min. of 48 hours
  • Gravure and UV-flexo printing
  • For reel to reel printing with UV inks, inline Corona treatment is strongly recommended
  • Screen printing and letterpress using UV inks
  • Density (g/cm³): 0.55
  • Nominal thickness (μm): 40 | 60
  • Unit weight (g/m²): 22.0 | 33.0
  • Average yield (m²/kg): 45.5 | 30.3