Solid White Films 1

Treofan solid white films are designed for use in flowpack (HFFS), bag (VFFS), lamination and cold seal film applications.

WTD Solid White Film

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  • Heat sealable layer, treated
  • White layer
  • Enhanced heat sealable layer

Further Information


Suitable as a monoweb for laminates in heat- and cold seal applications.


WTD is a 3 layer, solid white co-extruded OPP film with high whiteness. It is both sides sealable with low sealing threshold on one side.

Product Features

  • Enhanced heat sealing threshold layer (100°C) for high speed packaging on VFFS and HFFS packaging machines
  • White pigmented core results in a solid white film with high stiffness
  • High gloss and whiteness contribute to a good print presentation
  • Low water vapour permeability