Printable Films 1

Treofan printable films are easily convertible to print promotional and price communications, while maintaining their optical properties and performance during the packaging process.

ZSD Printable Shrink Tobacco Film

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  • Heat sealable layer, treated
  • Transparent layer
  • Heat sealable layer

Further Information


For promotion purposes (printed) on hard packs and on display carton overwraps.


ZSD is a one side printable transparent co-extruded BOPP film with balanced shrink properties.

Product Features

  • Transparent and excellent gloss
  • Heat sealable on either side
  • High moisture and odour barrier
  • Tailored slip for high speed performance
  • Good antistatic properties
  • Corona treated on one side
  • Not suitable for boost treatment

  • Density (g/cm³): 0.91
  • Nominal thickness (μm): 16 | 20
  • Unit weight (g/m²): 15.0 | 18.2
  • Average yield (m²/kg): 66.7 | 54.9